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26-08-2010: The Scotsman gives Dead Poets four stars

The Scotsman gave us a four star review the other day. Hurrah! Here it is -



What do you get if you mix a hip hop MC with the former Poet Laureate of Peterborough? Answer: a funny and insightful combination of two art forms that have much in common, but are rarely seen in the same room.

Through the story of their unlikely partnership, Mark Grist and MC Mixy use their different forms of lyrical wordplay to break down the clichés associated with both of their musical genres.

When Mark, an English teacher, uses poetry to enthuse about the bright young minds of “difficult” kids, Mixy counteracts this with the perspective of someone who never wanted to go to school. While Mixy battles with being a rapper from “the sticks” rather than “the hood”, Mark paints himself as a cosmopolitan city dweller looking for a “girl who reads” – as he explains through a feminist anthem that will bring joy to the hearts of anyone who is sick of R&B songs about hookers. Meanwhile, Mixy’s rap about poet John Clare proves rap nor poetry need be limited to the subject matter they have come to be associated with.

Things stay just the right side of funny, rather than geeky, and when our likeable hosts decide to swap modes of storytelling, the results are frequently hilarious. By the end you’ll see both rap and poetry as entertaining, uplifting and freeing styles of storytelling united by their potential. 


I never though of 'A girl who reads' as being a feminist anthem, but that's a pretty nice thing to say. 


Otherwise, the festival is going really well. We packed out again today and the audience were great. We had to stop A LOT and wait for them to stop laughing. Caused us to overrun, but it was a great gig. Two more to go!