Painting the external walls of your bungalow

The Effects of Mother Nature

The external walls of a home often take a real battering from the forces of nature. From sub-zero temperatures and ice-cold winds during winter, to heavy rainfall followed by bouts of warm sunshine in spring and summer, it is vital you keep your external walls in good condition to prevent serious damage occurring over time. However, maintaining your external walls can be troublesome; but at least with a bungalow you only have one storey to deal with.

Damage Limitation

It is often suggested that the exterior walls of a home be painted or treated once every few years to stave off other damage caused by the effects of weather, plants and animals. Rather than using a ladder, and constantly having to set it up, take it down, move a little further on, and set it up again, have you considered using builders trestles?

Using Trestles At Home

By setting up a solid base of scaffold boards, on a string of trestles, you can easily and quickly move around the exterior of your home with relative ease. Additionally, the height increase means that you don’t have to keep setting up a ladder every few meters. Builders trestles take minimal maintenance; you can just drag them out of the garage every few years, set them up, and that’s it. Trestles can also be used for interior decorating, like wallpapering, and any kind of activity where working at height is necessary. Avoiding the risks of using unstable ladders for jobs they are not designed for gets more important the older you become. While the size of trestle is important; it is possible to purchase variable height trestles which can be adjusted as necessary.